Monday, May 2, 2011

Stories and Essays UPDATED

After many requests (okay, so just one--thanks Dan) I've finally gotten around to updating the STORIES AND ESSAYS tab over there on the left. 

There are a few ways to read this, but here's how to maximize the enjoyment:

--"The PI's Wife" should be read BEFORE "Friends and Other Lowlifes."  There is a 3rd Victor and Sheila story due out later this year titled "Midnight to 6AM.

--"Gin for Two" and "Unplanned" go nicely together.  Mostly because they're sort of about the same person.  There's a third one that hasn't been published yet.

--There is a sequel to "Spare Change" in the latest issue of Criminal Class Press titled "Vice Undercover."  They asked me to set it in the 80's, but you can imagine it otherwise.

--"This Charming Man, Still Ill," "Death in Hollywood Anonymity" "Pretty Boys Need Not Apply" and the Best of the Web/Best American Essays nominated "No Valentines for Generation Twilight" are all nice off-site additions to the Boys on Film catagory of this blog

--"Johnny Strikes Up the Band," "Love and Vinyl" and "Wallflowers on the Dance Floor" is a good triple-play of music-related fiction.

--Ideally, and this means a little extra searching (or emailing me) The Crimson City/Loring stories should be read in the following order:
1) "First Night in a New Town"
2) "Big Night Out" (Hardboiled #39)
3) "Until Proven Guilty" (Needle Winter 2010)
4) "The Carpool" (Hardboiled #41)
5) "Last Night"
6) "Absolution"
7) "Road Trip"
8) "Preacher Man" (The Midnight Diner vol 3)
9) "Merry Christmas Mr. Taylor" (Pulp Empire vol 3)
10) "Props"
11) "Broken Dreams at the Clover Leaf Hotel"

These were from a short story collection that never got published in it's entirety--when I sell a book, I will probably compile all of these into an fan-only ebook.

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