Friday, April 20, 2012

Today is 4/20.  That means that if you're a pot smoker, you can smoke pot, which you probably did yesterday and will probably do tomorrow, so good for you . . . ?  It's not like on April 20th it's suddenly legal to smoke pot, so why is everyone cackling like they're suddenly doing something so naughty?

I have never and will never smoke pot.  Why? Well, one, because I'm allergic to smoke, and two, because of the horror I've recently witnessed.  Today, walking barefoot down the street, I saw a shirtless dude with filthy white guy dreads, a string belt holding up dirty khaki shorts, playing his acoustic guitar for all to hear.  And you just know he had a hacky-sack in one of those cargo pockets.

This, my fellow Americans, is why marijuana needs to stay illegal forever.  


  1. I think you're really on to something with your point about "why is everyone cackling like they're doing something so naughty?"

    People take a lot of pleasure in feeling in control of their lives, even if that control is an illusion. Because pot (if not laced with worse stuff, which is often is) is not as addictive as more dangerous drugs smoking gives some people the feeling of being rebellious and "their own person" without putting themselves so far outside their comfort zone that they can't go back to their quiet little lives on 4/21.

    I disagree with you about "the horror" of the man you encountered. White guy dreads are the product of more bad decisions than just smoking pot.

  2. I have to agree with you about white guy dreads. Let's agree to share the blame with Bob Marley and liberal arts programs