Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Boys On Film

I suppose it's time to 'fess up . . . I'm not just writing this blog so I can prattle on and on about just how much I hate John Mayer, I started this in conjunction with a graduate school memoir project . . . you know the type. 

But I'm sort of wishy-washy on exactly what I want to do . . .do I write the story of my life in music that I've loved, a la Cassettes from My Ex, or do I attempt to alter the model just a touch and write the story of my life via movies I've loved?  Am I Rob Scheffield or Kevin Murphy

And specifically, how do either of them relate to my number one favorite thing ever, falling in love?  Because I fall in love a lot, and there's always some pop culture componant because I am a Manic Pixie Dream Geek.  For instance, right now I am trying not to be in love with Vic Mackey. . . but how do I resist that big, dumb face?

So the point is that I'm going to do both.  This blog will now host two sections, one the Record of the Month Club that all five of you have come to know and love, and the other titled Boys on Film, which I'm sure all five of you will grow to know and love.  So keep an eye out for ramblings about Jeff Goldblum, because I promise you, there will be many of them.

He's Just So Dreamy!

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